This website is for my extended  family.  I would like them to know their ancestors. 

Here you will find the family trees for Elliott, Pipes, Smith and Zeiher families living in Indiana. The 'Interactive Family Trees' page allows you to see your family tree in a variety of ways. Be sure to check it out. It is fun! You can request a PDF of your family branch on my 'Contact Me' page. 

The software I used to write the Interactive Family Trees is no longer supported and does not work on my newer computer. So I can't update what is here. I do hope you find what is here useful although some of the data will be outdated.

Please visit often.

Stephen Lee Elliott

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My interest in genealogy started rather by accident.  I had an opportunity to purchase MacFamilyTree genealogy software at 50% discount.  I soon discovered how interesting family research was.  You become a detective, an historian, a cartographer and lots more.

I only wish I had started years ago.  Perhaps God will give me the time needed to devote to  this project.

God has given me everything else I need.  I have been very blessed.  I am most grateful that He gave His only Son to die on the cross for me.  I hope you believe in Christ, and that you have accepted, by faith, His grace and eternal love.

Sandra Kay Elliott

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Want to make that perfect scrapbook for family photos?  Learn how to make one digitally, or the old fashioned way.  Also, learn how to make greeting cards and so much more at Sandy's web site.  She also has a blog

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Sample 12" x 12" scrapbook pages.

I am using a great web design program called Sandvox, installed on my Mac, so I am having a lot of fun.

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